10 Expert Tips: A Mix of Mindset and Practical

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The two conferences I attended this past month in California featured amazing nuggets of wisdom from top entrepreneurs and holistic business folks. Here were my juiciest takeaways:

• Write clearly and directly; aim for 7th grade level English. —Chris Haddad, award-winning copywriter

• Time block 90 minutes each day for important creative projects (go on communication lockdown during this time). —Lena Requist, OfficeAutopilot

• Get rid of old, uninterested contacts. —Brendan Dubble, OfficeAutopilot

• Your tribe = those you want to serve, who are hungry for solutions, who have money to invest, who see you as one step ahead. —Max Simon, Big Vision Business

• Be yourself! Don’t be a megaphone messiah. Ease into your relationship with your tribe. —Mike Hill, internet traffic pro

• You always win the game you’re playing, so choose your game wisely. —Bryan Franklin, visionary /consultant

• “Ain’t no half-steppin’.” Go ALL IN with your team, your programs, your clients, your life. —Marie Forleo, multi-passionate entrepreneur

• It’s not either/or—it’s both and more! —Stacey Morgenstern, Holistic MBA

• You want to shine a light on the shiniest part of you. —Carey Peters, Holistic MBA

• Don’t take the bull by the horns; that’s suicide. Instead, let the angels gently push you from behind. —Marianne Williamson, spiritual teacher

And finally, from Eben Pagan… “My future prediction is that entrepreneurs are the superheroes of the future. You’re basically visionary people who want to make people’s lives better. You are role models and that’s an awesome responsibility. So ask yourself: ‘How would you behave differently if you were a superhero?'”

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