10 Keys to Twitter Success

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To Tweet or Not to Tweet? No Question!


 With half a BILLION users, there’s no reason for you NOT to employ Twitter, a free social media tool, to expand your reach and help establish yourself as a thought leader in the health and wellness space. If you aren’t already set up with a Twitter account for yourself or your business, here’s how to get up and running quickly.


√ If you already have a Twitter account but don’t use it often, I invite you to take this pledge with me. Raise your hand and repeat after me:
“I will tweet 5 times per day, each day next week using the following guidelines.”

Can we agree to hold each other to that? You can find me @SproutedContent. Follow me and I’ll follow you back! Now onto best Twitter practices…

1. Take time to fill out your profile with a picture, link, and bio
2. Tell people WHY they should follow you (are you a founder, speaker, expert, author? If so, say it!)
3. Don’t worry about conversation; highly followed Twitter accounts are not conversational
4. Space out your tweets (aim for no more than 1 per hour)
5. Share interesting links to build reach — links get retweeted!
6. Don’t talk too much about yourself or your brand (it’s less likely to be retweeted)
7. Longer tweets get more clicks so aim to use up to 125-130 characters
8. Don’t be a ‘Debbie Downer’ — upbeat gets more retweets
9. Use action words and social calls to action (i.e.: “Please retweet”)
10. Always be thinking: “How can I talk more about my audience?”

Want to run some sample tweets by me to critique before you post? Post them on the Sprouted Facebook page or in the Comments below!

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