10 Ways Content Helps Grow Your Business

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You’ve all heard the expression: Content Is King. Well, I’m here to say that it’s WAY more than that! Content is king, queen—and everything in between!

Here are 10 reasons why focusing on quality content will help grow your business:

1. It increases your visibility.

When you are out in the world, spreading the message of health and wellness through highly relevant and engaging content, people can find you!

2. It establishes you as an expert.

Staying in touch via newsletters, ezines, and blog entries shows your potential clients that you are a credible source of valuable information.

3. It positions you as a problem-solver.

Content drives the Internet, and clients are going online to find information that solves a problem (they aren’t looking for an immediate sales pitch).

4. It builds connection.

When you give genuine and useful gifts to your readers without expecting anything in return it helps develop community and better trust with your potential clients.

5. It inspires sharing.

When your content is a “tasty treat” it rewards your audience for consuming it and compels them to share the treat via social media.

6. It has compounding effects.

Send your ezine out monthly, see so-so results; send it out weekly, and gain clients! Businesses who blog regularly average six times more leads than those who don’t.

7. It drives traffic.

Blogs and newsletters send people to your website even months after publication, something not possible with other means of advertising!

8. It lets you focus on other things.

Whether it’s developing your programs, spending time with clients, or crafting customized calls to action for your audience, having pre-written content saves you time, and that adds up.

9. It’s not going anywhere.

Some have proclaimed this the decade of content, and see the trend of enabling content “sharability” as overtaking optimizing content for search. (Hello, Social, goodbye SEO!)

10. It’s where the clients are.

21% of people said blog articles factor into their decision-making process for a product or service. Good content can tip the scales in your favor!

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