Why Change Is Good.

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Change Is Good2

“If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies.” —Unknown

Let’s face it: Change is often scary. It’s something that many (myself included!) resist in lieu of what’s safe, comfortable, and known. But what if I told you that resisting change can have detrimental impacts not only on your health—but on your ability to attract wealth? Here are 3 ways embracing change can create a whole world of opportunities for you.

1. Embracing Change Can Create New Pathways in Your Brain. It’s true! By changing things up, you keep your synapses firing and prompt new neural connections to form in your brain. It can be simple (think: introducing new superfoods into your breakfast rotation) or more complex (think: writing lefty for a week). The point is, make an effort to shake up your routine and introduce new learning experiences and your brain will benefit.

2. Embracing Change Reduces Stress. How can that be? Doesn’t change BRING on stress? Well, as counterintuitive as it might seem, when you resist change you attempt to control the uncontrollable. Because periods of change are inevitable in life, weathering them well and adopting a more flexible—rather than rigid—viewpoint will help regulate your cortisol levels and prevent chronic stress from taking hold.

3. Embracing Change Is Empowering. The unconscious mind prioritizes survival, which means its default is safety and certainty. Therefore, our mind often convinces us to stick with the “tried and true” or the “safe and tested” over that which involves change. But successful businesspeople and those with a so-called “Millionaire Mindset” know that taking risks and breaking  the lull of the unconscious mind is necessary to achieve greatness. (Jonathan Field’s book, Uncertainty, shows how to use change to FUEL BRILLANCE.)

It’s almost as if Mother Nature created the seasons so we are forced to experience change at least 4 times a year! As we enter the Fall season, why not take a page out of her book and really lean into these months and see what opens up for you?

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