Sprouted Content helps you grow beyond a “content” client base to an ENGAGED client base. 

With every article you establish trust, anticipation, and joy—the emotional factors that influence a client’s decision to work with you.


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Banish any stress, fear, and guilt you hold around your content strategy by getting help with the hardest part—the writing!

We offer compelling, short, 500-700 word holistic health and wellness articles you can use across a wide range of collateral to build community and attract people to your unique services. Our wellness article library has received rave reviews from our members and we pride ourselves on putting out high-quality content—content that is entertaining to read as well as informative and well-researched.

In addition, we offer consulting, design, and custom writing services to give you an edge when it comes to creating cutting-edge content that gets people talking about your brand.  (CLICK HERE to see our other offerings.)

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About Wendy Simard, Founder

As a 20-year publishing veteran I’ve held editorial roles at magazines, websites, and ad agencies. I’ve edited bestselling books and written books that have sold in multiple languages. With Sprouted, I blend my passion for holistic health with my passion for content development to help practitioners like you tell a story that will help you grow your business.

For my “official” resume, feel free to check it out here: www.linkedin.com/in/wendysimard/

To see samples of my work, you can get that here: www.wendysimard.com

In my spare time, I am a passionate gardener, adventurous cook, fearless skier, and big herb nerd. We live in the scenic Bay area of San Francisco and my aim is to connect with community wherever I go.

To that end, I hope we get a chance to connect soon. Cheers!