On Accountability: It All Begins with a Plan

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“Most of us spend too much time on what is urgent and not enough time on what is important.”  —Stephen R. Covey

Sometimes I think it must have been easier “back in the day,” when all you needed to do to promote your services was place an ad in the paper and wait for the phone to ring. Of course, this kind of thinking is not only ludicrous— it wasn’t that easy—but makes me sound like I’m 200 years old! 🙂

However, these days, between Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, your blog, newsletter, and teleclasses, there’s no denying you need to have a promotional plan that covers a LOT of ground to help you gain traction and be heard above the crowd.

I recently committed to using an editorial calendar to keep track of the many ways I want to reach out to my audience each month. I recommend you use Google Calendar, a free online tool for this. Try it out and let me know what you think!

How Do You Stay Accountable?

Aside from having my spiffy new editorial calendar filled out and ready to go, I rely on several mentors, friends, and services to help keep me on task. I’m currently receiving coaching from Stacey and Carey from Holistic MBA, I am part of multiple mastermind groups, and I use services like Evernote and a VA to keep organized and on top of the day-to-day. Without this support, I’d likely be floundering with fewer results to show for my many efforts!

Do you struggle with accountability? If so, I’d like to help keep you on track—especially if writing articles to fill the pipeline of your editorial calendar is your least favorite task. With Sprouted articles, it’s as easy as plug and play!

I know you may have already gotten a taste of our content, but I want to offer another complimentary article to help you feel how nice it is have pre-written content at your fingertips.

Leave a comment below about how you stay accountable, as well as your email address and I’ll send it right over to you!

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