Create Your Own Sharable Posts

While it’s great to share inspirational images by Karen Salmansohn, on Facebook you also want to share content that’s generated by YOU. You get better bang for your business buck by creating your own engaging material on Facebook and sharing it liberally with your networks with the intention of igniting emotion and hitting the sharing […]


Facebook analytics firm Edgerank Checker released a study this week that showed posts using hashtags are less likely to go viral. They are also less likely to engage fans. Could it be because they are annoying and overly “clever”? Or is that just how I feel about them….? #whatsthepointreally Action Step: √ Resist the temptation to hashtag your […]


Don’t muddle your message by including multiple calls to action (CTAs) in your newsletter, blog, or website. Instead, hone in on ONE thing you want your readers to do and keep their attention there. While it may be tempting to offer all you’ve got, studies show people can become overwhelmed by too much choice, so […]


Give your newsletter structure so it’s easy to come up with a bunch of plug-and-play content ideas in one sitting. That way, you can prep and queue up a month of newsletters at once. (This is a great habit to get into if you want to get away from your computer during summer vacation without […]

Q&A with Gayle Bu, VA Extraordinaire

Gayle Bu is the Virtual Assistant for holistic health coaches. After working as an Executive Assistant for 15 years, she founded Bu Virtual Office services in 2002. She graduated from AssistU’s 20 week Virtual Training Program in 2003 and won AssistU’s “VA of the Year” in September 2012. Gayle runs a full-time practice from her office in Atlanta […]

Leap, Then Look?

I’d like to share a strategy that is helping me quickly gain traction with my health coaching practice, Green Dot Garden. It’s not revolutionary, but it WORKS: I’m putting myself out there like crazy!