10 Keys to Twitter Success

To Tweet or Not to Tweet? No Question!  With half a BILLION users, there’s no reason for you NOT to employ Twitter, a free social media tool, to expand your reach and help establish yourself as a thought leader in the health and wellness space. If you aren’t already set up with a Twitter account […]

A Simple, No-Fail Content Formula

To that end, you need to get really CLEAR on the unique challenges of your ideal client. This can take some time, but go through the exercise; it’s your first strategic step to develop a following.

This Is What Spam Looks Like.

It started innocently enough. I had access to lots of names and email addresses and was offering something that was potentially of much value to the group. (This is how I justified it.) The reality? I desperately wanted my business to be an overnight success, so the messages went out. I sent 50 at a […]

Why Done Is Better than Perfect

I trust you had a lovely holiday and hope you’ve moved into 2013 with renewed energy! Here’s a picture from our holiday celebration, in which my silly-goose nephew models a hat I knit him for Christmas. Mind you, Jackie is 5, and I started knitting that hat when he was 3! It’s crazy, but here’s […]

Q&A with Kathy Sciere, Media Pro

I recently sat down with my good friend, Kathy Sciere, to pick her brain about video. Here’s why this is so exciting: Kathy is an Emmy award-winning TV producer with more than 20 years of experience at prestigious networks like CBS and NBC. She’s also a holistic health coach with a digital marketing certificate from NYU […]