A Bright Way to Beat Back Writer’s Block

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Bright and Colorful Content
As I work on an article for May called: “The Rainbow Connection: Phytonutrients,” I’m in a super-colorful frame of mind! And I can’t help but think of a nugget I picked up from the brilliant copyblogger.com that said people’s inboxes are SO drab that anything you can do to brighten it up WILL get you noticed.

Do you tend to play it safe when you reach out to your list? Do you belabor what you’re going to say and how you’re going to say it? If so, fire your inner editor and install a paint program instead! It goes something like this this:

1. Get what you want to say out of your head and onto paper (no judgment!).
2. Reread it. Does the energy match the energy of what you want to convey?
3. If so, great—post away!
4. If not, see if you can rephrase it to give more life to your message.

For example, if you want to say:
“Check out my most recent post on the link between Vitamin D and depression: [LINK]”

But it feels flat, “color” it like this:
“Did you get your liquid sunshine today? Learn how Vitamin D contributes to happiness! [LINK]”

It’s instantly brighter, right? Whatever you do, resist agonizing over each word. In my experience, the more loose I am when I write, the closer I get to conveying my message in the most compelling—and authentic—way. Give this method a whirl and let us know in the comments below how it goes. And if the cheery (non-toxic, plant-dyed) Easter eggs above don’t spark some colorful ideas, here are a few hue-tastic videos to get you going: This one’s upbeat and fun; this one’s smooth and saturated.

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