WordPress 101 (Plus, Why I Love This Platform)


Want to get up and running with a web site for your business in under an hour? Think you lack the technical skills needed to launch your online presence? Well, read on, because WordPress is going to become your new BFF. But before we get into how to quickly set up your WordPress site, let me […]

10 Ways Content Helps Grow Your Business

Content Is King_thumb

You’ve all heard the expression: Content Is King. Well, I’m here to say that it’s WAY more than that! Content is king, queen—and everything in between! Here are 10 reasons why focusing on quality content will help grow your business:

CONTENT QUICKIE: Finding the Story that Sells


Take a product or service. Ask yourself: WHO created it? WHAT inspired them? WHEN did the inspiration strike? WHERE were they when they had the idea? WHY did they decide to share it? The answers to those questions will always be more interesting than anything you have to say about your service. If you have […]

Give Your Time-Sucking Ways the Heave-Ho


As a business owner, you have creative control over how you structure your days, a major perk of entrepreneurship. But this can also wreck you if bad habits keep you sailing in circles. The solution? Make like a pirate and plunder these common productivity sinkholes: 1. Negative Self-Talk When you give in to glass-half-full messages, you […]



Have you spent a day walking in your ideal client’s shoes? Do you understand her deepest wishes and desires? Can you articulate her problems in her own words? If you’ve heard this from us before, it’s because it’s SO VITAL to your overall content marketing effort. But don’t take our word for it. Marketing guru […]