You’ve Got (e)Mail!

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The marketing options available in this digital age can make your head spin…. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, Foursquare, Flickr, Instagram, contests, forums, blogs, podcasts, and the list of tools and services go on…and on…and on. I am not casting a floodlight on this to put you into a state of catatonic overwhelm—I promise! […]

CONTENT QUICKIE: Ride the News Cycle

This week news broke about the FDA banning transfats! As holistic health practitioners, this day was a long time coming, and with all the buzz around it, you can definitely capitalize on by writing about in your blog or newsletter. When you feature content that rides on the coat-tails of big news stories, you gain […]



Vanilla subject lines and headlines fall on deaf ears and defeat the purpose of drawing folks into your content. Spend time crafting these important marketing messages because they are the “face” of your business and set the tone of your exchange. Entice people with words that pique their interest and tantalizes their emotions while also delivering […]

How to Avoid “Me-Too” Marketing


It’s SO tempting, especially when you are just starting out with your business, to “co-opt” another successful coach’s style. After all, if she’s growing like gangbusters doing it that way what’s to say your biz won’t also take off if you follow her lead? While I understand this urge entirely, I think it ends up hurting you […]



Everyone likes to be acknowledged on their birthday. One way to get your potential clients to take notice of your business is to reach out to them with a genuine birthday wish on their special day. Make it a point of asking for a birthday when folks opt-in to your list. Let them know that […]



My business mentors introduced me to this most-important acronym: WIIFM = What’s In It For Me? You better believe this is exactly what your ideal client is thinking when she gets to your website or reads your newsletter. Knowing this, it’s CRUCIAL that you: put yourself into her shoes; identify her emotional touchpoints; and craft […]