The Flow Formula

You know that blissful state where time seems to stop, nothing else seems to matter, and your talents and skills are put to their optimal use? It’s called flow, and up to 15 percent of Americans say they never achieve it. Why is that?  Positive psychology expert Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi has done extensive research on the topic and […]

Why I Traded Perfection for Awesome

Screen shot 2012-08-31 at 3.29.47 AM

“Perfect is the enemy of good.” —Voltaire I don’t know about you, but feeling the need to be a “superperson” comes as easily to me as taking a breath or tying my shoe. Perfection, that familiar devil that lives on my shoulders, gets especially demanding when I’m under pressure to get something done that means […]

Why You Need Photos—GOOD ONES—in Your Newsletter and Blog Posts

Why You Need Photos_thumb

Admit it. The photos drew your attention to this article. Well, this makes perfect sense—as a society that spends up to 1/4 of their online time on social media sites and blogs, we’ve become more visually oriented and scan, scan, scan for the juiciest, most useful bits of content. This is how your target audience […]

Is Your Whole Heart & Soul with Your Cause?

Heart and Soul

  Volunteering for a local community food project called “Fresh Fridays” has taken on a life of its own. What at first felt like a creative guest cheffing opportunity quickly morphed into a grueling 15-hour a week commitment where we easily log 7 hours on our feet on event days. And while the acutal events […]

What Rock Climbing Taught Me About Business Building

Biz Building Foothold_thumb

I just got back from a transformative trip to Boulder, Colorado, which was part vacation, part biz retreat. During that time, I recharged my batteries and was STRETCHED and inspired by my HMBA mastermind group. During the vaca part, my husband Carlos and I visited friends and family, toured an epic farmer’s market, picnicked with […]