Your Call to Action as Invitation

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Call to ActionGrowing your clientele largely depends on being very strategic about your Calls to Action (CTA), something I’ll go over at length in the new year, but the first hurdle is reframing what it is so you feel more comfortable with the entire idea.

The holiday season presents the ideal time to anchor the idea that a CTA is merely an invitation. Nothing more, nothing less. Remove any connotation of sales pitch and begin to think about your CTA as you reaching out to someone you care about and inviting them to take some kind of action. When you approach your CTA with that energy, any fear around “selling” melts and your authenticity comes across to your potential client.

When you invite someone into your home for a party or you invite someone to grab coffee, you ostensibly do that because you want to spend time with that person, you want to get to know her better, and you believe that you could have a good time sharing stories, laughter, and valuable information. In a client relationship, while the goal is not to become friends, many of the same elements come into play.


√ Think about how you currently present your CTAs. How can you infuse them with an energy of “invitation”?

√ Think about how comfortable you are with invitations in general. Do you entertain or get together with friends often? If not, why? Would you do this more if you felt more comfortable with invites? Food for thought…

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