Why Done Is Better than Perfect

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The Red HatI trust you had a lovely holiday and hope you’ve moved into 2013 with renewed energy!

Here’s a picture from our holiday celebration, in which my silly-goose nephew models a hat I knit him for Christmas. Mind you, Jackie is 5, and I started knitting that hat when he was 3! It’s crazy, but here’s what happened: I’m not a skilled knitter and as I needed to start shaping the hat…well, the pattern may as well have been written in Swahili! I abandoned the project and it collected dust. Next year, sam e thing. Even though I knew it was a valuable gift (because it was homemade), my overwhelm kept it in the knitting bag.

This year, I changed my attitude. I dropped the need for the hat to be perfect and I fudged the rest of the pattern! I did the best that I could, and no one was the wiser. It was a huge hit, it fit Jackie, and my sister claims he won’t leave home without it. Score!

The moral of the story? Done is better than perfect. Unless you have something truly gigantic in the works, no project should take 2 years to complete. Think of my perfectly imperfect red hat when you are tempted to shelve something that doesn’t feel “good enough” and challenge yourself to move through the uncertainty to GET. IT. DONE. I’d bet money you’ll feel better once you do.

What project can you revisit? Share your sticky-wicket with us in the Comments below!

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