A Moment of Silence and a Special Way of Defining Courage

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CourageI was deeply saddened to learn of Debbie Ford’s passing last week—she was such a beacon of light and truth. As I was thinking about her life and legacy, I revisited some of her work and came across this passage in which she describes courage.

I want to share it with you:

“What is often called courage is when you muscle up and barrel through. It’s forceful, often without thinking or feeling. But the courage I’m talking about is this divine inner strength that everyone is born with, a strength to be your most authentic self and to take powerful actions consistent with your loving, compassionate heart.”

I can’t tell you how much this resonated with me. This is the kind of courage we need to harness most as entrepreneurs, and it boils down to AUTHENTICITY, ACTION, and HEART. (It’s no coincidence that the french word for heart is coeur.)

Thank you, Debbie, for eloquently guiding us to this place. May you rest in peace.  à coeur joie.

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