Q&A with Kathy Sciere, Media Pro

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Kathy Sciere, The Video Marketing Mentor

I recently sat down with my good friend, Kathy Sciere, to pick her brain about video. Here’s why this is so exciting: Kathy is an Emmy award-winning TV producer with more than 20 years of experience at prestigious networks like CBS and NBC. She’s also a holistic health coach with a digital marketing certificate from NYU who now teaches heart-centered entrepreneurs how to use video to get clients, raise their visibility, and catapult their business to new heights.

Not too shabby! Here, she shares her expertise.

Q: Why is video important for growing a holistic health practice?

A: Video is fast becoming a must for all entrepreneurs, because everything on the Internet is moving to video. It’s predicted that by 2013, 90% of all online content will be video! For holistic entrepreneurs it’s even more important. That’s because so much of the work we do is very personal and even intimate, and there is no better medium than video for establishing the all-important know, like, and trust factors with your clients and prospects. It’s also one of the best ways to establish yourself as an expert, and that will lead to more clients and more income.

Q: How long should a script be, and what advice do you have for creating script content?

A: There are a lot of different opinions about how long your video should run. I think a straight tip/info video should run about 2:00. More in-depth free content, such as how-to or demonstration videos, maybe up to 5 minutes. My best advice for creating scripts is to start with content you already have (blog posts, articles, free opt-in gifts, etc.) and re-purpose them as video scripts by tweaking them.

Q: Lots of practitioners get freaked out by the equipment / tech side of doing video. (I know I do!) What do holistic practitioners need—what’s the bare minimum to get started?

A: If you have a smart phone with a camera, or a web cam, (or a $2,000 camera!) you can get started. Freaking out over the technology is one of the biggest mistakes I see. The gear you use isn’t as important as how you use it.  If you pay attention to your lighting, framing of the shot, your audio quality and, of course your message, you can make a professional-looking video with whatever you already have.

Q: What’s the number one mistake you see practitioners make on video? What’s the fix?

A: Aside from freaking out about the technology, it’s probably rambling on and on without making a point. (Boring!) That’s why I recommend you write a script or at least a detailed outline, and stick to it. Preparation also makes the actual shooting process a lot easier.

Q: Creating the video is Step #1; Step #2 is getting it out in front of lots of your ideal clients! What advice do you have for marketing video?

A: First, I recommend you post your video on YouTube. With its 4 BILLION video views per day, and its elite status of being the 2nd largest search engine in the world, AND being owned by Google, it’s definitely the place to start. Then you can embed the video on social media and your own website. Ultimately you should be driving all traffic to your website, where you hopefully have an opt-in, so you can build your email list.

Q: With newsletter and blog content, consistency is key—if you update sporadically, you won’t grow a loyal following. I’m assuming the same is true for video?

A: Absolutely! I recommend publishing one video a week, and like your newsletter, it’s best to keep the day of the week consistent.

Q: YouTube or Vimeo? 

A: I mentioned why YouTube should usually be your first choice. Vimeo is good for marketing videos that you want more control over, or program content that you want to keep password protected. But I just learned yesterday that increasingly the most cutting-edge marketers are putting everything on YouTube! So stay tuned, because the Internet is constantly evolving so we need to be nimble to keep up.

Q: What’s your all-time favorite video? (It’s OK if it’s a silly cat video…)

A: I’m not sure I have an all-time favorite–it’s always changing! But I am a fan of Gangnam Style(and all of its mutations) right now. [Wendy: Me too!!]

Get more tips to “turbocharge your video marketing mojo” — seriously, who doesn’t want that? — at http://kathysciere.tv/

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