A Simple, No-Fail Content Formula

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To that end, you need to get really CLEAR on the unique challenges of your ideal client. This can take some time, but go through the exercise; it’s your first strategic step to develop a following.

Once you do that, here are 3 easy steps to crafting your posts:

1. Problem (1-2 paragraphs) – Set up the problem with as much descriptive language as possible. Make it colorful. Make her feel as if you are describing her life to a T.

2. Solution (1-2 short paragraphs, or ideally a short, bulleted list) – Give several options for how to solve that particular problem.

3. Offer support (1 closing paragraph) – Explain how your proven method, program, or coaching style is specifically designed to help people like them succeed in solving their problem. Remember: most people KNOW what to do, but need the support and accountability to make real lasting positive change in their life.


√ Spend an hour getting into the heart and mind of your ideal client. Write down everything you can about her challenges and her lifestyle.

√ Create a list of topics or “problems” that you can help her solve. When you go to write your next blog post, look to this list for ideas.

I invite you to check out the Sprouted Content article library list as well. Perhaps some of the problems your audience face are covered here?

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