Lori Cunningham

I just have to say thank you to Wendy Simard for providing such a valuable set of articles! Now that I’m getting really busy doing either a workshop or teleclass a week, constant consultations, and working with clients, I need all the help I can get with providing great content. It’s so nice that I can spend literally 5-10 minutes on one, adding in my own personal touches, and move on, knowing that the articles are really well researched and written.

There are things I’ve invested in my business over the past couple of years that I regret, but these articles are worth their weight in gold!

—Lori Cunningham, www.musichealthcoach.com

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I was getting frustrated about all the time I spend building a relationship with my list but not getting much business growth from it.

After working with [Wendy] for the past few weeks, my open rate is rising as well as my clicks!

—Shayna Mahoney, www.LovingHealthNow.com

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Frances Starr

I became a member last year and what a help it has been. I just can’t say enough!!! At this point in my career I don’t have the time or creative ability to write such wonderful content.

I don’t have to procrastinate. I know I have plenty of content to choose from. Thank you!

—Frances Starr, www.francesstarrcoaching.com

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Kathleen DiChiara

WOW!!! You really nailed [my sales page]. I love it.

—Kathleen DiChiaria, www.rhodetohealth.com

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Jen Duron2

Sprouted Content is awesome! The content is professionally written, revelant to my clients, and has research to back it up. It comes in an easy-to-use package with photos, Facebook posts, Tweetables, and all. This truly makes my life so much easier.

I have used other services similar to hers and none of them came close to the quality of Sprouted Content.

  —Jenifer Duron, www.eat2behealthy.com

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Kerry Fleckerstein2

Just want to say to all out there: Wendy has done a superb job with the Sprouted Content article library. It is a wonderful resource that I have used a lot.

I use all or some of the articles and make them work for my message. It is well worth it!

—Kerry Fleckenstein, www.kerryfleckenstein.com

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Laura Thompson BradyI want to thank you again for the beautiful work.

The images you chose and the way you designed them is gorgeous, really fits my aesthetic, and feels just right to me! So thank you.

—Laura Thompson Brady, www.thenourishedhome.com

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Tracey Vlahos2THANK YOU THANK YOU for this great service you offer. 

It has taken a LOAD off my mind and plate and allows me to focus on what I love best…providing workshops and presenting material! Yah!

—Tracey Vlahos, www.breakthroughliving.biz

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Debbie KatzWOW. I’m very impressed. There’s so much valuable info [in your free gift], and already a few lingering questions have been answered, so thank you!

Buying into your library was one of the best biz decisions I’ve made this year.

I use these all the time for my newsletters and periodic blog posts. I highly recommend!

        —Debbie Fried Katz, www.waytogohealthy.com

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Tracey Webber2

Awesome. I put together a newsletter in less than 45 minutes. Holy cow!

—Tracey Webber, www.traceywebber.com