What Rock Climbing Taught Me About Business Building

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Biz Building FootholdI just got back from a transformative trip to Boulder, Colorado, which was part vacation, part biz retreat. During that time, I recharged my batteries and was STRETCHED and inspired by my HMBA mastermind group. During the vaca part, my husband Carlos and I visited friends and family, toured an epic farmer’s market, picnicked with toddlers at an outdoor concert, tooled around Pearl Street, and mountain biked, hiked, and rock climbed.

For me, climbing in Eldorado Springs was THE highlight (our guide Steve literally wrote the book!). I’ve been climbing on and off for 15 years, and getting back out reminded me of what I learn when I’m on the rock and how it transcends sport and veers into spirit—and business.

When you climb, you need to:
·      establish trust with your partners
·      communicate clearly
·      have the right tools and equipment to move up the rock face
·      evaluate each step, truly mindful of every hand and foothold

And while the pace that you ascend depends somewhat on your conditioning, before you know it, small increments add up and you are repaid with a grand sense of accomplishment, and a breathtaking view that’s rarely achieved by other means.

I’m curious: Does building your business feel like scaling a wall? Are you able to zoom in on what’s right in front of you knowing that it’s leading you to a bigger vision? Are you afraid of heights (as Carlos is), but move forward anyway? Let us know in the Comments below!

If you’re anything like what I imagine you are, you face these challenges with grace and strength, and an abundance of resources. I’m rooting for you!

Rock on.

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