Is Your Whole Heart & Soul with Your Cause?

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Heart and Soul

Volunteering for a local community food project called “Fresh Fridays” has taken on a life of its own. What at first felt like a creative guest cheffing opportunity quickly morphed into a grueling 15-hour a week commitment where we easily log 7 hours on our feet on event days. And while the acutal events are fulfilling, the project takes valuable time away from my work. I began to grow worried and resentful.
That’s why I believe it’s no coincidence I was recently drawn to dig out and watch a video of my 16-year-old self give a graduation speech about service. I realized that the teenage me (despite CRAZY late ’80s hair) understood something the “adult” me had forgotten. She said…

“If your whole heart and soul is with your cause, then the service merely falls into place.”

Light bulb! My cause is to help connect people. Whether that’s…

  • neighbors to neighbors
  • friends to friends
  • health coaches to potential clients, or
  • an individual to a better understanding about herself or her body.

Since this project so clearly aligns with my cause, I began to focus on the heart and soul part and surrendered to the hard part, and it became pure FUN. These days, when I lug my VitaMix to our greasy spoon prep kitchen, I do it with a huge smile and my feet hurt a little less.

Are there areas in your life where surrendering would give you more joy? Let us know in the Comments below!

Either way, I’m raising a glass to YOUR cause!

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