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Trust = Reliability + Joy!

Trust Reliability JoyIf you make this equation your new newsletter roadmap you’ll go far! After all, the goal of communicating with your list is to establish trust so your potential clients are knocking down your door. Let’s look at how reliability and joy can impact the “Trust Factor”:


This gets back to the idea of landing in your potential clients’ inbox every week (or every other week). Same time, same day. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t test to see what days and times deliver the best open and clickthrough rates from your audience, but once you arrive at your sweet spot, stick to it! The fear of overwheming them with messages is moot because you will provide HIGH VALUE, FLUFF-FREE content in every issue. Cut out the unnecessary and put yourselves in your ideal clients’ shoes. What does she want to open and read this week? What’s front of mind for her, and what solution can you provide?


Just because you send meaty (but digestible!) content doesn’t mean it should be dry and dull. While you don’t want to add the empty calories of the main ingredient in fluff—high fructose corn syrup—you DO want to add some spice! Make your reader smile. Give her something to ponder, but do so without killing her with levity. Witty quotes, bright photos, and personal anecdotes all have their place so long as they tie into your theme conceptually and add value. Take a lighter approach and watch as your open rates soar.


√ Create an editorial calendar — pick a day and time to send your newsletter and get it into your calendar; pencil in a topic for each newsletter

√ Join the  Sprouted Content “Trust Factor” Facebook group — this is a place where you will be held accountable to your editorial calendar, can ask questions, bounce around article ideas, and more!

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